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Anti-coal activists fined for vandalising $21B project

Frontline Action on Coal
Frontline Action on Coal

Serial offenders have pleaded guilty to unlawfully demonstrating at a $21 billion mining development in Central Queensland.

Clermont Magistrate’s Court found unemployed fitter Reuben Anstee and caravan resident Amy Booth both guilty of trespassing, damaging equipment and contravening a police direction while protesting against Adani Australia’s Carmichael Coal Project, 160km northwest of Clermont.

The Queensland Police Service alleged the pair climbed two poles at the mine site without permission on 7 August 2019. The position they took prevented nearby equipment from being used, bringing an alleged $12,748 in losses to the proponent.

Jeopardised safety of all

Magistrate Robert Walker slammed Anstee, 28, and Booth, 25, for disrupting the mine from conducting its ordinary business, and jeopardising the safety of themselves and others trying to free them. The judge ruled the pair’s actions were unlawful and not simply exercising the right to protest, something they could easily do in the city instead of a remote mining community.

The court also heard Booth was understood to be a spokesperson for anti-mining group Frontline Action on Coal, and News Limited had previously photographed her interrupting and being removed from last October’s International Mining and Resources Conference at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The group used social media to encourage more anti-coal activists to protest against the project.

“We are now asking you to head to Central Queensland to take part in direct action like these two, and blockade Adani,” a Frontline Action on Coal spokesperson said on Facebook. “Head to frontlineaction.org/redalert and be a part of the movement to stop Adani for climate justice.”

Further prosecution likely

Police had wanted the pair to receive a suspended jail or probation sentence but in the end Walker decided the pair should each pay $1500 instead because they did not have any paid work. The pair’s application to be released from further civil proceedings was rejected and no conviction was recorded.

Adani hopes to fully prosecute the pair according to law.

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“We are now considering our legal options to recover the costs associated with this dangerous and illegal activity,” the company said in a public statement. “We are also considering whether to pursue this matter further with the Mines Inspectorate and the Industrial Court of Queensland, as we will not compromise on safety or permit illegal activity on our mine lease.”

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  • Coal is disgusting see this comment;
    “Coal-fired power plants produce electricity for the nation’s power grid, but they also produce more hazardous air emissions than any other industrial pollution sources. The quantity is staggering. Over 386,000 tons of 84 separate hazardous air pollutants spew from over 400 plants in 46 states. In South Korea also, annual coal ash generation from coal- fired power plants were about 6 million tons in 2015. Pollutants containing particulate matter 10, 2.5 (PM10, PM2.5), heavy metals and dioxins from coal-fired power plant. Their emissions threaten the health of people who live near these plants, as well as those who live hundreds of miles away. These pollutants that have long-term impacts on the environment because they accumulate in soil, water and animals. The present study is to investigate the physical and chemical characteristics of coal-fired power plant fly ash and bottom ash contains particulate matter, whose particulate sizes are lower than PM10 and PM2.5 and heavy metals. There are wide commercial technologies were available for monitoring the PM 2.5 and ultra-fine particles, among those carbonation technology is a good tool for stabilizing the alkaline waste materials. We collected the coal ash samples from different coal power plants and the chemical composition of coal fly ash was characterized by XRF. In the present laboratory research approach reveals that potential application of carbonation technology for particulate matter PM10, PM2.5 and stabilization of heavy metals. The significance of this emerging carbonation technology was improving the chemical and physical properties of fly ash and bottom ash samples can facilitate wide re use in construction applications”

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