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Atlantic Civil – Efficient infrastructure solutions

Staying competitive in today’s economic climate means building in efficiencies from the ground up. That’s why many of the world’s most successful mines have turned to innovative infrastructure solutions from the AIL Group of companies. Save time. Save money. AIL Group professionals can help you achieve maximum efficiencies and provide safe, practical work sites for your employees. By design, our custom mine site infrastructure solutions are easy to ship and install with light equipment and basic labour skill sets, making them ideal for remote locations. Plus, with over 40 years of working closely with the global mining industry, our technical sales teams and engineers are well-poised to deliver turn-key, value-engineered solutions with a difference. AIL professionals will guide you through every phase of your project – assessment, design, specification, assembly, backfilling, testing – truly walking the talk of supporting your success.

Atlantic Civil Products Pty Ltd is an Australian company, and part of the AIL Group, that develops, designs, manufactures and supplies value engineered infrastructure solutions for the mining, transportation, development and forestry sectors. Major product categories include structural plate, retaining wall systems, corrugated pipe systems and modular steel bridges. We are third party certified to ISO 90012008.

Efficient infrastructure solutions for virtually any application and budget.
Atlantic Civil Products can help you stretch your budget with a wide array of economical, environmentally friendly and highquality infrastructure solutions for many types of applications. By design, they are easy to ship and install with favourable equipment and labour requirements, making them ideal for even the most remote locations.

Structural Plate
Our custom infrastructure solutions offer opportunities for significant cost savings without compromising function and durability. By design, they are easy to ship and install with light equipment and basic labour skill sets, making them ideal even in remote locations.

No matter what your requirements or budget, we’ve got your needs covered with our complete range of plate bridges. The extra-deep corrugation profile in Super-Cor makes it ideal for larger applications and our Multi-Plate is suitable for small to medium applications. If it is corrosion or abrasion resistance you’re looking for, Dur•A•Span™ is made from solid aluminium alloy and is ideal for saltwater and softwater applications.

Pipe Systems
Atlantic Civil Products provides industry-leading product and client support through value-added engineering, professional project management and dependable field service. Our Technical Sales Teams, comprised of engineers, civil technologists, and experienced personnel, provide expertise throughout the entire project cycle as they interpret drawings, advise on specifications and supervise installations. Through our in-house Engineering Design Departments we can offer an obligation-free professional design service for the application of all our products. The service includes but is not limited to: structural design; hydraulic design; construction advice and details; durability advice; assembly drawings and installation guidelines. For complex projects, we may engage outside consultants or offer our in-house design services for a professional fee.

Our Hel-Cor™ corrugated steel pipe has an optimal combination of strength, flexibility and performance and comes with a variety of Performance Coating Options for even longer lasting design service life. Buffatank™ provides a turn-key solution for underground stormwater detention and retention. The Hi-Flo® flexible, smoothwall spiral rib pipe is another great solution to your stormwater problems. Hel-Cor™ Troughing comes in a variety of segment lengths for easy installation.

Wall Systems, Retaining Walls, Abutments, Headwalls and Wingwalls
For fast, flexible embankment protection, Atlantic Civil Products’ economical retaining wall systems are just right for your next project. In our Atlantic MSE Structural Walls, our Wire Walls are quick and easy to erect, our Precast Panel Walls allow for a smooth or textured finish, and, if excessive settlement is expected, we recommend our Two-Stage Precast Walls.

Our Atlantic MSE Structural Wall Systems are heavyduty, interlocking wall and mat mesh panels that siteadapt easily to steps, angles, curves, and other site anomalies. A variety of fascia options are available, including Precast Panels.

Atlantic Civil Products operates a third party certified management system under AS/NZS/ISO 9001:2008. The management system is applicable to the design, development and manufacture of buried corrugated metal structures for road, rail, stormwater, mining and civil infrastructure.

Modular Bridges
Atlantic Civil Products is experienced in working with various types of project consortiums and private/ public partnerships, with many major civil engineering projects to our credit across Australia and beyond. Our practical innovations are endorsed by engineers around the world.

Ideal for construction detours and other temporary or permanent applications, Atlantic Civil Products’ Modular Bridges are quick and easy to install. We can also provide you with heavy gauge Steel Bridge Decking, which is regularly used in new construction or to rehabilitate existing bridges.

Our Modular Steel Bridge solutions are economical and efficient choices. Standard features include: galvanized steel decks; weathering structural steel, and; timber decking, and hand rails. Choose Atlantic MSE Structural Wall Systems for abutment solutions.

Making mine sites more efficient and safe.
There’s an Atlantic Civil Products engineered solution for virtually every mine site infrastructure application. Whatever your requirements, our in-house engineering teams will provide solutions that ship economically to remote sites and assemble quickly with favourable equipment, material and labour requirements. Our Technical Sales Representatives and Engineering Teams offer valuable support services throughout all phases of a project.

Heavy Haul Road Arches
With its light weight and superior strength, our patented Super-Cor® premium, hot-dip-galvanized, deepcorrugated, structural steel plate is a natural for larger, engineered structures needing to withstand the heaviest of loads. For medium-sized structures, our Multi-Plate™ standard, hot-dip-galvanized steel structural plate is usually recommended. Both are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including bottomless, fish-friendly arches.

Road or Rail Underpasses — Saving time and money on transportation infrastructure.
There’s an Atlantic Civil Products engineered solution for virtually any transportation infrastructure application. Whatever your requirements, our in—house engineering teams will provide solutions that ship economically and assemble quickly with favourable equipment, material and labour requirements.

Specify Super-Cor® or Multi-Plate™, according to the size, specifications and load factors of your application. Both are virtually maintenance-free with leading design service life expectancies. To help keep your operation running smoothly, we specialise in working with your teams to limit or eliminate critical traffic interruptions and environmental site impacts.

Larger grade separation underpasses and overpasses are ideal applications for our deep-corrugated Super-Cor® Arches and Box Culverts in a variety of expansive shapes. Our Multi-Plate™ structural steel plate offers the widest array of size and shape configurations and is well-suited to medium and smaller applications.

Crusher Ramps and Retaining Walls
Ideal for remote locations with available fi ll material, these structures are easily created using our Atlantic MSE Structural Wall Systems. Made from heavy-duty galvanized wire, these interlocking wall and mat systems provide easy, on-site construction solutions without the need for time-consuming concrete. These systems are also ideal for bridge or tunnel headwalls and wingwalls.

Specify Super-Cor® for larger scale applications and MultiPlate™ for midsize ones. Both offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit virtually any site or mine vehicle requirement.

Stockpile and Escape Tunnels
Another ideal application for our deep-corrugated Super-Cor®is the stockpile tunnel. Depending on the planned pile height and dead load, both Super-Cor® or our Multi-Plate™ structural plate products offer excellent strength and cost savings over other methods.

Drainage, Ventilation and Utility Tunnel Systems
We offer a full range of galvanized, aluminized or polymer-laminated Hel-Cor™ Corrugated Steel Pipe for virtually any drainage, ventilation or utility tunnel requirement. In addition, we can supply all of the necessary elbows, couplings and access port accessories.

We offer a full range of Hel-Cor™ Corrugated Steel Pipe in galvanized, aluminized type 2 or polymer- laminated high-performance coatings for virtually any drainage requirement. Hel-Cor™ will not crack under impact loads or vibrations due to the inherent strength of steel and the flexibility of the corrugated pipe section.

Overcasts and Conveyor Tunnels
Our products have covered a lot of ground on these critical arterial applications. According to the required size and specifications, conveyor tunnels can be made from various shape profiles in Multi-Plate™ or Corrugated Steel Pipe. In some cases, conveyor tunnels can incorporate utility passages to serve double duty.

Culverts & Box Culverts
Specify Multi-Plate™ for larger and mid-size applications and Hel-Cor™ Corrugated Steel Pipe for smaller ones. Dur-A-Span™ is ideal for coastal or softwater environments and other highly corrosive applications. Each product offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit virtually any requirement.

Box Culverts are the perfect solution for long-span, low-rise situations with shallow cover requirements. Atlantic Industries Limited offers many different possibilities in Box Culverts made from Super-Cor® structural steel plate or Dur-A-Span™ structural aluminium plate.

Stream Crossings & Water and Wetland Crossings, Fauna Crossings & Fish Passages
Depending on the size and nature of the crossing, we offer a variety of solutions in Super•Cor®, Multi- Plate™ or Dur-A-Span™ structural plate. Corrosion/abrasion-resistant Dur-A-Span™ is particularly well-suited to saltwater or aggressive environments. We can also provide specialised fish baffle inserts for some designs. Our open-bottom designs and Modular Steel Bridges are effective, environmentally-friendly solutions to preserve habitat.

Put our expertise in the design of effective animalfriendly crossings to work for you with engineered solutions made from Super-Cor® or Multi-Plate™ Structural Plate.

Stormwater Management
Our custom-designed Buffatank™ Stormwater Management Systems are turn-key solutions you can depend on. Available in galvanized, aluminized type 2 and polymer-laminated high-performance coatings, the versatility of its corrugated steel pipe construction provides virtually limitless solutions for detention, retention and recharge system requirements.

Rehabilitation, Relines
Atlantic Civil Products’ reline packages can help salvage older storm sewer, culvert or bridge structures and avoid the cost, safety and environmental issues of full replacement. Typically these custom-fi t inserts are made to order from Multi-Plate™, Dur-A-Span™ or Hel-Cor™ Pipe, according to the size and application requirements.

Atlantic Civil Products’ head office is in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. We have regional sales offices and both fixed and mobile manufacturing facilities that operate across Australia. We ship our products across Australia, South East Asia and to the Pacific Islands. For inquiries in Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands, please email our Sales Team at sales@atlanticcivil.com.au

To call toll free within Australia dial 1800 99 77 54.

From outside Australia please call +61 7 4789 6700.

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