QMEB ยป Coal mine rapidly deploys autonomous heavy vehicle fleet
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Coal mine rapidly deploys autonomous heavy vehicle fleet

Eacon EL100 driverless truck
Eacon EL100 driverless truck

A mineral producer rolled out dozens of driverless trucks in less than three weeks.

A total of 23 hybrid and diesel automated heavy vehicles were recently introduced to Xinjiang Energy’s Shitoumei coal mine within 17 days.

Contractor Eacon Mining confirmed the new fleet includes 13 hybrid EL100 trucks with a 90 ton (81.6 metric tonne) payload as well as 10 diesel-powered trucks with a 70 ton (62.5 tonne) payload.

Each have been fitted with drive-by-wire systems, ORCASTRA Pilot and EACON’s autonomous driving system. Vehicles will be used for overburden mining and coal extraction.

“In the coal mine overburden removal sector EACON’s autonomous haulage solution has matured significantly, enabling rapid deployment in similar scenarios and significantly reducing the time and cost of implementing an autonomous haulage solution. Building on the foundation laid in coal mines EACON will extend its autonomous haulage solution to metal mines, including gold and iron mines, in 2024,” EACON Mining Australia chief operating officer Elaine Jin said in a public statement.

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