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Contractor appointed to enhance Queensland’s largest reservoir

Australian engineering firm Mulligan Geotechnical Pty Ltd. has been appointed to a $8.5 million maintenance works project on the Burdekin Falls Dam to ensure it continues to operate safely in the future.

With a storage capacity of up to 1,860,000 ML – four times the capacity of Sydney Harbour – the SunWater-owned dam supports more than 1000 irrigation, industrial and urban water customers in the Burdekin Haughton water supply scheme.

Water Supply Minister Mark Bailey said the works at Burdekin Falls Dam, which will support around 24 jobs, are part of SunWater’s ongoing program to maintain safe and efficient dams.

“Dams are large public infrastructure and maintaining their ongoing safety is paramount,’’ he said.

“Over the years we have seen advances in dam design and better understanding of the impacts of climate change, including extreme rainfall events and flooding – this has meant that many dams across Australia need upgrades to address this.

“The Burdekin Falls Dam Foundation Drainage Improvement Project will enhance the structural integrity of the dam by improving the efficiency of its water drainage systems.

“Mulligan Geotechnical was selected for its expertise in performing work on difficult access projects at large dams and will undertake complex geotechnical drilling work inside the dam gallery.

“The company has a large knowledge base and experience to manage the complexities that arise from these specialist projects.”

Minister Bailey said the contractor was committed to supporting the local community in Ravenshood and surrounding districts in the form of meals, fuel and miscellaneous supplies.

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