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Minerals exploration in Queensland gains massive boost from report recommendations

Queensland ExplorationThe minerals exploration sector in Queensland has been given a massive boost with the Mines Minster releasing some welcome  recommendations from a report prepared by the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Exploration on Tuesday.

According to Minister Andrew Cripps, the report advised the government to make more land available for exploration, deliver more high-level, world class geoscience and grow and expand incentives to support greenfield exploration.

“There were also strong messages to cut exploration costs by streamlining exploration permit regulations and examining further opportunities to minimise costs to industry and I’m pleased to say the government has already acted on some of the committee’s advice,” the Minister said.

“Queensland’s resources sector laws are currently being modernised and simplified and we have already delivered changes to the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 to extend exploration work programs and provide more flexible tenure relinquishment arrangements.

“The sector employs tens of thousands of people, providing livelihoods for families now and promises to support jobs into the future.

“That’s why we’re working with the sector to position Queensland as the best-performing exploration jurisdiction in Australia and to identify how we can improve the way we do business to make this happen.

“We realize Queensland’s resource potential starts with exploration, which is critical to discovering the new resources that will drive future mines and energy projects.

Head of the Queensland Resources Council, Michael Roche, welcomed the release of the report’s recommendations.

“We have the resources the world needs in the 21st century but without a vibrant exploration industry there is no resources sector in the long term,” Roche said.

Mr Roche said that of particular interest was the overall re-positioning of the Department of Natural Resources and Mines as an economic development agency.

“The modernisation and simplification of resources laws in Queensland are worthy objectives given the reality that minerals and energy production is responsible directly and indirectly for one in every four dollars and one in every five jobs across the state,” Roche said.

The full report is available at: www.dnrm.qld.gov.au/our-department/policies-initiatives/mining-and-resources-initiatives/mace

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