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QRC share results of Adani-inspired petition

The Queensland Resources Council have published the pleas of well over 2000 citizens who have called on the Federal Government to close the legal loopholes being used by activists to disrupt and delay resource projects.

QRC released an online petition asking people to support closing the loopholes in the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, after Adani’s Carmichael Mine and Rail project was put on hold due to a technical glitch.

Chief Executive Michael Roche met with Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt and Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane in Canberra to directly plea for action to deal with the gaping loopholes being used by activists to disrupt and delay resource projects.

“The petition was released in response to the activists continually trying to use every trick in the book they can to disrupt and delay resource projects,” Mr Roche said.

“We know this is one of their key tactics as listed in the activists’ strategy rulebook, Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom.

“I’m presenting the results to date of the petition to Mr Hunt and Mr Macfarlane so they can see how desperately Queenslanders, and in fact many from across Australia who have signed this, want jobs and the flow-on effects to the regions as a result.”


Many of the almost 1000 comments echo the sentiment of those below:

Anonymous, Sep 07, 2015
They should have to demonstrate valid and researched arguments before something can be held up. Not ‘hype & social media scare campaigns’ delaying the development of new business and opportunity for many.

Barry Tait Australia, Brisbane, Sep 06, 2015
Industry is spending good money to get these projects up and running only to have activists exploiting legal loopholes wasting everyone’s money to try and stop them.

Maureen Bennett Australia, Townsville, Sep 05, 2015
NQ desperately needs to welcome investments, not deter them!

Rick Spence Australia, Brisbane, Sep 04, 2015
The ease at which one of the most important coal developments in Queensland’s history can be back-pedalled at the pure expense of the taxpayer is mind blowing.


Mr Roche encouraged people to sign the petition and “make their voices heard over the shrill voices of the activists and the greens”.

“We know they have a well-funded campaign, backed by by groups such as the US Rockefeller Family and Australian entrepreneur Graeme Wood,” he said.

“Now is the chance for everyday Australians to join in the chorus to say ‘enough is enough’.”

Sign the petition here.

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