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Safety a priority as operation begins at part of a $53B gas project

Chevron Gorgon Gas Project
Chevron Gorgon Gas Project

A multinational oil and gas partnership has put safety at the top of its agenda for a new addition to part of a gas project estimated to be worth up to $53 billion.

The Chevron Australia and the Gorgon Joint Venture (JV) has confirmed its new carbon dioxide (CO2) injection system safely started up and is operating at the Gorgon Natural Gas Facility on Barrow Island, 145 km off the shore of Karratha in Western Australia.

How it works

The system injects and stores reservoir CO2 into a deep reservoir unit called the Dupuy Formation, more than 2 km beneath Barrow Island.

“While standard industry practice is to vent the separated CO2 to the atmosphere, the Gorgon Project will inject the reservoir CO2 into the Dupuy Formation beneath Barrow Island,” the JV said in a fact sheet. “Once the CO2 is injected, it will migrate through the Dupuy Formation until it becomes trapped.”

Jobs available

Gorgon is hiring for the following job opportunites:

  • reservoir engineer
  • ombuds manager
    development geophysicist
  • rotating equipment engineer – Onslow
  • electrical engineer – Onslow.

Click here to apply.

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One of world’s largest gas mitigations

The system is promised to be one of the world’s largest greenhouse gas mitigation projects ever undertaken by the gas industry. It is hoped to reduce Gorgon’s greenhouse gas emissions by about 40 percent, or more than 100 million tonnes, throughout the operating life of the injection project.

“We are monitoring system performance and plan to safely ramp up injection volumes over the coming months as we bring online additional processing facilities,” Chevron managing director Al Williams said in a public statement.

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