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Seat belt training recommended after fatal dump truck rollover

The importance of seat belts in mining vehicles has been highlighted in a report released by the DMP after a fatal dump truck rollover.

The dump truck operator was killed on a Western Australian site while hauling waste rock from an open pit to the waste dump.

“For reasons unknown, the operator failed to negotiate a slight left-hand bend and the truck took a gradual path to the left before colliding with the hard rock windrow,” the significant incident report said.

“Tyre marks indicate that the truck’s front and rear left tyres mounted the windrow, and the dump truck rolled onto its right side. There is no evidence of braking before or at the time the truck
mounted the windrow.”

Two workers nearby heard the collision and one ran over to assist, where they found the operator still in the driver’s cab (on the upper left side of the truck) before they fell about 3.75 m to the ground from the passenger’s side of the cab.

Despite the efforts of work colleagues and the emergency services, the operator died a short time later. A vehicle examination showed the dump truck and the driver’s seat belt were in good working order.

The report listed actions in accordance with the Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995, which includes each vehicle used at the mine fitted with seat belts and seat belt anchorage points, and people driving or travelling in a vehicle with a seat belt to fasten it.

“Workers should be instructed, through training and inductions, regarding the importance of using the seatbelts provided in vehicles to reduce the impact of potential collisions,” the report said.

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