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Proposed call in for Burdekin solar farm development

The Queensland Government will consider a ministerial ‘call in’ of the proposed Clare Solar Farm development, south west of Ayr. The development application for the large-scale solar farm covers up...


ALP announces 50% renewable energy target

Labor has announced plans for a 50 per cent renewable energy target by 2030, with the police expected to be formally announced at this weekend’s national ALP conference in Melbourne. The...

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Renewables in mining – Futuristic or realistic

[hr]Mining is an energy-intensive industry and energy is an essential operational consideration. Energy access is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive in many regions of the world, with...

MS Tûranor PlanetSolar: Chasing the Sun

In 2004, a Swiss by the name of Raphaël Domjan had a crazy idea: to sail around the world on a boat powered only by solar energy, a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the potential of renewable...

Queensland Packed with Underground Geothermal Energy

Queensland show great potential for developing geothermal energy according to a newly released map in the Global Atlas for Renewable Energy, provided by the International Renewable Energy Agency...

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