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Westside Petroleum

Fuel company caught underpaying staff changes hands

A petroleum company, which was fined for incorrectly remunerating its workers, has been completely sold off. Westside Petroleum has sold its remaining 50 per cent stake to major shareholder Viva...

QGC lng gas Surat Basin

Big investment in gas spurs 300+ jobs in Surat Basin

One of the nation’s natural gas operators is making a major investment in the Surat Basin’s gas fields, creating hundreds of jobs in the process. QGC recently announced a new program for...

PM meeting with gas bosses

Gas bosses sacrifice profit for domestic consumption

In the midst of a potential gas supply crisis, the nation’s gas industry leaders have listened to the Prime Minister’s plea for cheaper and more reliable gas supplies for domestic use...

Shell boss says brown coal use “absurd”

Shell Australia Chairman Andrew Smith has said it is “absurd” that Australia is still burning brown coal. Speaking at the Australia Petroleum Production and Exploration Association’s (APPEA)...

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