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Bus door

Heavy vehicle door fatally crushes operator

A driver passed away while exiting a large transporter. Authorities recently examined circumstances leading up to an operator being trapped and killed by a bus door. Investigators suspect the worker...

BHP CAT truck

Heavy vehicle continues driving after brake fails

A mine truck kept moving despite already having an alternate stopping system. Authorities recently examined a heavy vehicle brake failure at an undisclosed operation. “The service brake system...

Coal shuttle car worker pinned

Pinned coal employee dies, multiple colleagues injured

An underground worker passed away and others became seriously wounded after mine equipment crushed them. Authorities are investigating four separate incidents where mobile equipment fatally pinned...

Truck spotter

Employer sentenced after truck operator fatally struck

A heavy vehicle reversed into and killed a worker, resulting in severe penalties for the responsible company. Authorities recently examined how a contracted truck driver became fatally struck by a...

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