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Blackwoods – helping build a better Australia

Since our beginning in 1878 as a specialist supplier to the marine industry, Blackwoods has worked incredibly hard to be where it is today: We are an Australian-owned company that is widely respected...

FSP Australia Mackay

Unique and popular products for mining and safety

FSP Australia started out in the mining and safety industry and through designing and manufacturing products for over 20 years, the company has worked with customers to create products to fit their...

ThoroughClean high-pressure cleaners and washers

Why we are different??? We are the supplier of choice to all major Australian & International Mining companies and they only buy/use quality that lasts! ThoroughClean has a proud tradition of...

Fibopost: Leading the way in electric fencing

DID YOU KNOW: The average lifespan of a PET plastic bottle disposed in a landfill is more than 700 years? This is just one of the reasons why GreenMoxie Australia uses PET bottles to create their...

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