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Australia Manufacturing Cast-in-Place Pipe Epoxy

The growing populations and economies of the Asia-Pacific region place more and more constraints on the maintenance and operation of  urban infrastructure.   In particular it is becoming...

ThoroughClean high-pressure cleaners and washers

Why we are different??? We are the supplier of choice to all major Australian & International Mining companies and they only buy/use quality that lasts! ThoroughClean has a proud tradition of...

Rio Tinto Yarwun

Rio Tinto Yarwun is a world-class alumina refinery situated north-west of Gladstone in central Queensland. Construction began in 2002 and the first shipment of alumina followed in late 2004. The...

Fibopost: Leading the way in electric fencing

DID YOU KNOW: The average lifespan of a PET plastic bottle disposed in a landfill is more than 700 years? This is just one of the reasons why GreenMoxie Australia uses PET bottles to create their...

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