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New Acland train workers

$1B resources project transports first coal train

A reopened mine began delivering fossil fuels from Queensland’s Darling Downs region. New Hope Corporation (NHC) recently transported its first coal freight via rail from the $1 billion New...

Coal train

Vehicle operator charged over North Qld coal fatality

Authorities formally accused a Townsville driver of killing his passenger in the Whitsunday region. A 40-year-old man was recently charged with dangerously operating a vehicle causing death in Bogie...

Simandou mine site

$26B mega project reopens

A Pilbara ‘killer’ development resumed after proponents settled a long-running dispute. Rio Tinto recently reopened its US$20 billion (A$26.7B) Simandou Project, 526km southeast of...

MinRes driverless truck

Proponent rolls out 120 automated heavy vehicles

An autonomous technology company will supply dozens of driverless trucks to a $2.1 billion development. Hexagon AB is rolling out 120 automated road trains at Mineral Resources’ (MinRes) Onslow...

Coal train

North Qld coal accident kills vehicle occupant

Authorities recently investigated how a fossil fuel transporter fatally struck a four-wheel drive. A 50-year-old passenger died after a coal train collided into a Toyota Landcruiser on Peter...

Rio Tinto mine pit

Authority investigates driverless vehicle accident

Officials are examining what caused autonomous machinery to crash. The Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) is still trying to determine how a driverless train suffered an accident...


Skytrans: Pioneering a Green Revolution in the Skies

Skytrans, the Australian-based carrier with the backing of former NRL luminary Johnathan Thurston, has announced its trailblazing initiative to integrate hydrogen electric-powered aircraft into their...

Rolled truck

Inexperienced operator rolls heavy vehicle

A wide-eyed employee turned a truck over on its axis. Authorities recently investigated how a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) rolled over a strip of land along the road. “The driver had moved to the...

BHP CEO Mike Henry

Mining boss accepts blame for poor work environment

A resources executive acknowledged his employer was responsible for substandard conditions. BHP accepted fault for the recent deaths of fitter Nathan Scholz and colleague Jody Byrne. Scholz, who was...

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