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Keep your heads up

With untreated mental health conditions costing Australian businesses over $10 billion a year and affecting one in five employees, businesses that ignore mental health in their workplace are missing...


Happy Campers

Much has changed in the average modern mining camp, from the design of the humble donga, through to the range of technological advances that employees have come to expect and rely on for their...


A crutch for injured workers

How important is mentoring the mentor upon return to work? Work Cover Queensland highlights the importance of communication between employers and employees, especially when it comes to workplace...


It’s High Time We Stamp Out Synthetic Drugs

The issue of synthetic drugs in the community is having a trickle-on effect into Queensland’s mining and resources workforces. The National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre clears the haze...

01-train of thought qmeb summer 2015

Skilling up – The future of training in resources

[hr]New skills challenges are emerging across the resource industry as new mega projects make the transition from construction to production in increasing numbers. Janine Temple from national...

An employee moving forward

Five Tips For Getting A Better Deal At Work

  Tough times across Australia have seen many teams in the engineering profession shrink and pay conditions slide. So in a tight market, what’s the trick to getting a better deal at work...

Peak Downs Unfair Dismissal Case Goes to Federal Court

A former Peak Downs mine worker is taking his unfair dismissal case to federal court after having the case rejected by the Fair Work Commission earlier this year. Darrin James Grant, a Peak Downs...

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