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Underground fire kills 45 coal employees

A resources giant declared a day of mourning, following a subterranean blaze that ended dozens of lives. ArcelorMittal confirmed the company’s entire operations will grieve dozens of recent...

Worksafe coal inspector

Employee prank backfires with work site explosion

One mischievous act violently shattered a work site. Authorities recently investigated why an employee thought it would be funny to blow up his workplace. In August 2022 subcontractor Vuksich and...

Augusta mine evacuation

Workers evacuate mine due to fire

Resources employees were forced to leave their posts when their workplace caught ablaze. Dozens of workers recently evacuated Mandalay Resources’ Augusta mine, 60km east of Bendigo. The Country...

Water bottle fire

Water bottles cause fire at mine

Liquid containers were responsible for creating a workplace hazard, authorities found. Investigators recently blamed a fire on improperly stored water at an undisclosed mining operation in South...

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