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Iron ore

Iron ore prices soar to 15-month high

Mining iron ore could become more profitable again, with the value of ferrous metal rising to encouraging heights again says a commodity pricing agency. The Steel Index found the Northern China...

Rising coal prices prompt multiple mines to reopen

Several mines that were shelved are being reopened thanks to the recent recovery in coal commodity prices. Glencore, Stanmore Coal and other mining companies are considering their options for...


How to prepare for the next gas boom

Despite the recent drop in commodity prices, there is plenty of opportunity looming for the gas sector. Richard Szabo spoke with experts about what opportunities are available are what companies can...

Australian mining industry set to bounce back

Australia’s mining downturn is set to drag itself out of the slump and rise once again, according to a report by IBISWorld. Plummeting commodity prices in some of Australia’s largest mining...

01-Positive Energy

Renewables in mining – Futuristic or realistic

[hr]Mining is an energy-intensive industry and energy is an essential operational consideration. Energy access is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive in many regions of the world, with...

New Coalition Campaigns to Keep Domestic Gas Prices Fair

The Australian Workers Union has today launched a new body – the Reserve Our Gas Coalition – to ensure not all of Australia’s gas is shipped to high-paying overseas markets. In a statement released...

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