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Rio Tinto train

Two driverless heavy vehicles crash within weeks

A resources multinational is examining how autonomous carriers were involved in multiple accidents. Rio Tinto recently revealed that two driverless trains became derailed. One automated locomotive...

Komatsu driverless trucks

Mining giant accelerates ‘safe’ automation

A resources multinational will work with new partners to fast-track autonomous mineral production. Rio Tinto recently approved an initial $14.4 million in funding to make global operations safer and...

Simandou mine site

Major funding turns $26B mega mine into ‘reality’

A Pilbara ‘killer’ resources project will proceed after securing crucial finance. Investors recently approved $15 billion (A$22.6B) in funding agreements for the $26B Simandou mine, 526km...

Jakob Stausholm

Mineral multinational approves $26B mega project

A resources giant gave its blessing for a Pilbara ‘killer’ mine. Rio Tinto’s board of directors recently gave the green light for the $26 billion Simandou mine, 526km southeast of...

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