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Falling rock smashes through loader windscreen

A worker was injured at a New South Wales quarry after a large rock smashed through the front end loader he was operating and struck him. The large rock, weighing about 23 kilograms, fell about 17m...

Opal miner injured by falling material

An opal miner has suffered a spinal injury after being struck by falling mullock when attempting to close a hopper door with a star picket. A safety alert released by NSW Mine Safety this week said...

RECALL: Defects discovered in self-rescuers

A batch of self-rescuers have been recommended to be returned for assessment due to a defect has been revealed by a NSW Mine Safety Alert. The SR50 and SR100A self rescuers have been recommended by...

Driver crashes into underground mine wall

The driver of a personnel transport and service light vehicle crashed into a wall underground, prompting a NSW Mine Safety alert. The vehicle, which contained the driver and two passengers, lost...

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