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Mining for connections

As productivity and returns on investment declines in the Australian mining industry, mining operations are turning to Industrial IoT to improve returns, streamline processes and use big data...


Mature minds on the tools

Hiring mature-aged workers over their younger competitors means a significantly higher pay package, but Energy Skills Queensland says adult apprentices are worth the cost. The value of completing an...


Road to recovery

Allowing injured workers to remain at work to recover can help protect industry skills, according to WorkCover Queensland. The mining industry leads the way in keeping injured workers at work while...


Get a boot in the door

Some fundamental strategies for getting where you want to be in the Queensland gas industry, by Angela Bradby of Link Resources. While it has been a year of turbulence for the resources sector there...


Learning on common ground

The Australia-China Free Trade Agreement may be making headlines for the political debate around foreign labour, but that’s not stopping the two nations from preparing for a more united future...

Energy Skills 2020: Queensland 8th Annual Conference

The only training and skills event dedicated specifically to Queensland’s energy, resources and telecommunications industry. The Energy Skills Queensland’s Annual Conference is a prime opportunity to...


A crutch for injured workers

How important is mentoring the mentor upon return to work? Work Cover Queensland highlights the importance of communication between employers and employees, especially when it comes to workplace...

01 Mental Health In The Workplace

Mental Health In The Workplace

What’s mental health got to do with workplaces? Put simply, lots! Like physical health, mental health is central to how we function and how productive we are at work. It’s also good business. The...

01-train of thought qmeb summer 2015

Skilling up – The future of training in resources

[hr]New skills challenges are emerging across the resource industry as new mega projects make the transition from construction to production in increasing numbers. Janine Temple from national...

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