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$2 trillion industry opportunity

METS Ignited is working with industry, government and academia to develop a prospectus for a Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) to take advange of the opportunities opening up in the lithium industry.

report released this week is forecasting exponential growth in the global battery market.

The report also predicted that the value chain in 2020 would see other producing countries ahead of Australia in the transition from mining to refinement unless Australia is able to increase collaboration between industry, government and academia.

It is a call to action for industry, government and researchers.

 Rising growth in global demand for lithium is undeniable.
 The lithium industry will rapidly reposition from a second or third tier ore
and metal processor, to a first tier, strategically important industry central
to the world’s economy, holding that place for at least the next two decades.
 Australia can value add to products across the lithium value chain, and be a
significant global player in all downstream elements – but must act with
urgency to make the most of the opportunity.


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