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$24.2 million overhaul wraps up at Callide Power Station

A $24.2 million overhaul has just wrapped up at CS Energy’s Callide Power Station near Biloela in Central Queensland.

Callide Unit B2 started generating electricty again on Saturday, December 5, after a 51-day outage of the unit finished last week. The overhaul was the third scheduled maintenance overhaul at the power station this year.

Callide Power Station General Manager Roy Powell said the overhauls represented a significant investment in the maintenance and operation of Callide Power Station.

Mr Powell said each overhaul provided an economic boost to accommodation providers and other businesses in the communities surrounding CS Energy’s power stations.

“CS Energy’s site workforces increase significantly during an overhaul as short-term contractors are required to help carry out the maintenance and upgrades of the power station equipment,” Mr Powell said.

“Callide Power Station’s workforce grew significantly during this overhaul – up from a permanent workforce of approximately 200 people to more than 550 people at the overhaul’s peak, when 350 contractors were working on site.”

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems was the major contractor for the overhaul, with additional contractors carrying out specialised work.

The overhaul of Unit B2 included inspections, repairs and tests on a range of equipment, including the boiler, valves, air heaters, heavy electrical equipment, fans and cooling systems, ducts and burners, ash plant and turbine actuators.

Mr Powell said the Callide B Power Station, which was commissioned in 1988, continues to supply reliable electricity to Australia’s national market.

“Overhauls are important for the ongoing maintenance and operation of our power stations to ensure our assets meet their reliability targets and deliver a commercial return to the business,” Mr Powell said.

“The safety of everyone on site is the number one priority throughout the overhaul.

“We have clear health and safety management processes in place. Our focus is on working safe, and getting everyone home safe.”

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