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460 workers cut from Darwin LNG project

At least 460 workers at Ichthys LNG Project in Darwin have been axed, construction contractor JKC has confirmed.

JKC confirmed workers would be cut at the Ichthys Project Onshore LNG Facilities’ combined cycle power plant by the end of this month.

However, the Northern Territory Electrical Trades Union has put that figure up to 480, revealing that about 380 tradespeople employed by subcontractor UGL had been sacked at the Inpex power station, as well as another 100 staff.

JKC Australia project director John Bramley said every possible effort would be made to redeploy workers to other parts of the project.

Electrical Trades Union organiser David Hayes told ABC the news came as a shock to workers because the plant was still in the construction phase.

“We can see there’s a lot of work to do on the power station out there so I think a lot of these people expected to be employed well after Christmas and they’ve got their families up here in the NT,” he said.

The project is now in peak construction, with more than 8000 workers on site each day.


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