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5 top paid jobs in mining

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The mining industry in Australia is massive. It accounts for almost 60% of our export income. A sector of this size requires people with special skills. It isn’t like days gone by when anyone could join the industry. Now, you require an education and special skills, and for that, you will be rewarded with an excellent salary. So, which jobs in mining are the top paying jobs? Let’s take a look at your top 5 paid jobs in mining.


  1. Project/Operation Director

Directors hold a lot of responsibility, from the studies to the operation and completion. It may feel as though they have all of the world’s burdens on their shoulders. For that, they are rewarded handsomely with an earning of almost half a million dollars annually. This is the highest salary in the industry.


  1. Manager

The salary will vary, depending on the management position. The highest management salaries are earned by site managers and project control managers. However, plenty of other managers make a healthy salary.


  1. Engineer

The Australian mining industry is in need of engineers. When you finish your training and qualifications, you can walk right into a starting salary of around $70,000. If you are committed to your career and have the necessary skills, it won’t take long for you to climb the ladder, and with that your salary will increase.


  1. Geologist

The starting salary might not be as much as you would hope, however, there are plenty of avenues for you to take. If you keep climbing the ladder and aim for chief geologist, you can expect a salary of around $200,000.


  1. Geophysicist

This job focuses on analysing both the composition of the earth and its physical structure. They look for seismic shifts, groundwater, and minerals. It’s a role that is crucial to the development and safety of mines. The salary can rise to $200,000.

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