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Adani: 95yo Kokoda veteran locks Downer gates

Late last night, 95-year-old Kokoda veteran and great-grandfather Bill Ryan locked the gates of a Downer EDI Road Maintenance Depot full of equipment in Sydney, challenging Downer Group on their $2.6bn contract to build Adani’s controversial Carmichael coal mine.

Citizens also locked up 9 other Downer Group industrial premises last night in Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville, Dunedin, Bathurst, Gympie and Wodonga.

Criminologist Professor Reece Walters says if Downer get Bill Ryan arrested for his actions, he’ll be the oldest person ever arrested in Australia: “I cannot find records of anyone arrested older than Bill Ryan. My colleagues know of no one either.”

Bill Ryan has already personally visited Downer’s headquarters and spoken with a Downer Group executive. Bill said:

“I’m going to keep coming back until Downer get out of bed with Adani or they chuck me in jail. Better me being in jail than Downer helping Adani destroy the Reef, take our water, and even take our money. There’s plenty of other citizens ready to get arrested too. Our weather will become more and more extreme. Climate change threatens my grandkids and great grandkids. I’ll keep fighting for their future.”

Bill’s actions are part of an international and inter-generational campaign to ‘convince’ Downer to end their business relationship with Adani. Galilee Blockade has warned Downer of their direct action intentions in the media and through a letter to CEO Grant Fenn. Galilee Blockade spokesperson Ben Pennings said:

“Downer are in bed with Adani, risking the Reef and the 70,000 jobs that rely on its health. Downer do not need this Adani contract and can pull out now without financial penalty. Downer doing the right thing would be a major setback for Adani’s plans to open the largest coal mine in the southern hemisphere. We will escalate our legal and illegal actions until they choose the right side of history. The world is watching.”

Source: Galilee Blockade

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