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Adani announces construction date

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has welcomed the announcement by Adani Chairman Gautam Adani to start construction on the company’s Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland in October.

The decision comes at a time when parts of regional Queensland are experiencing high levels of unemployment and its ongoing commitment to source contracts locally and the company’s leading diversity targets for indigenous employment and participation show Adani have a clear objective on working with local suppliers to maximise the opportunities for regional Queensland right from day one.

The first phase of construction will be the Carmichael mine camp with a first coal shipment target of March 2020. Once operational, the Galilee Basin mine will generate $185 million in royalties per annum, which at today’s coal prices would pay for 2,900 extra nurses or 3,350 extra police officers or 3,400 extra teachers.

In addition, this mine will provide a reliable, high-energy, low-emission fuel and deliver electricity to some of the 300 million Indians without power.

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