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Adopt an athlete’s mindset to procurement says expert

Lou Alexander
Lou Alexander

Purchasing and supply chain workers can learn a lot from professional sports competitors, a revenue guru said.

ProcurementIQ wants every procurement employee to start adopting a more athletic mindset towards goal-setting and workplace performance.

Professional athletes represent the top 1 per cent in their game. Although talent takes an athlete a long way, mindset is one key differentiator between those who come close and reach the top.

The athlete’s mindset is promised to be a powerful yet intangible way of thinking that helps achieve seemingly insurmountable goals. Determination is critical for anyone embarking on their own journey to “10 times the impact of procurement”.

“If I am seeing a tough time in business where there is something that I feel like I am not achieving I tell my subconscious that I can achieve it first, then my conscious actions become the things that my subconscious is telling me I can do,” head of revenue Lou Alexander said in a podcast.

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