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Anti-Adani superglue protestor fined and vows to do it again

Extinction Rebellion protestors pedestrian crossing
Extinction Rebellion protestors pedestrian crossing

An anti-Adani protestor has been fined for super gluing himself to a pedestrian crossing in downtown Brisbane on June 18.

Extinction Rebellion Australia protestor Eric Herbert caused traffic gridlock for three hours while Queensland Fire and Emergency Services staff used safe chemicals to slowly dissolve the glue, which was bonding him to Queen Street.

Herbert, 19, and a young woman pulled the stunt to defy the Queensland Government after it approved Adani Australia’s Carmichael Coal Project on June 14.

The man refused to sign paperwork and voluntarily spent the night at the Brisbane Police Watch House.

He pleaded guilty the next day in court to public nuisance and contravening a direction and was slapped with a $550 fine. He told the magistrate he neither works nor studies, and relies on his parents for survival.

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Convicted ‘nuisance’ will do it again

Herbert does not appear to have learnt his lesson and now plans to do another stunt.

“I would do it again and plan on doing it again,” he told reporters.

More youth protestors on the way

Extinction Rebellion is now advertising on social media a workshop scheduled for June 22 to train more youth in using “peaceful civil disobedience tactics to effect the change we need to avert extinction”.

“Both our climate protectors are out of lock up after causing an absolute media storm by disrupting traffic in the Brisbane CBD for over three hours,” the group said on Facebook. “They did this with both a lock on and super gluing their hands to the road … there will need to be thousands of us come August 6th when we shut down Brisbane for Rebellion Day.”

The female protestor, Ebony, will face court in July.

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