QMEB » Anti coal activists dump bulldozed vegetation outside $2B mine contractor’s office
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Anti coal activists dump bulldozed vegetation outside $2B mine contractor’s office

Galilee Blockade Siemens protest
Galilee Blockade protest

Anti-mining protestors tried to make an example of a multinational automation company by dropping a pile of dead branches and leaves outside its head office.

Galilee Blockade confirmed it recently made a “special delivery” in front of Siemens Australia’s national headquarters.

“A special delivery on March 16 for Siemens in Melbourne – all the illegally bulldozed habitat by Adani,” the activists said on Facebook.

‘Breach’ gives grounds for termination

The group pulled the stunt because Siemens is continuing to work on Bravus Mining and Resources’ (formerly Adani) Carmichael Coal Project in Belyando, 435km west of Mackay.

The contractor had previously considered withdrawing from the project and protestors want the deal to be terminated immediately due to environmental breaches.

“With more Adani breaches, Siemens must keep its promise and terminate its Adani contract,” Galilee Blockade said.

“A breach is a breach Siemens, and no twisting or turning changes that! We will continue to take action until you dump Adani and rule out any future work on the project.”

Activist could lose his home

Protestor Ben Pennings recently appeared before the Brisbane Supreme Court to fight allegations he trespassed on Bravus property and threatened company employees.

The proponent accuses Pennings of acting beyond the legal boundaries of free speech and peaceful assembly in the past decade by live-streaming videos of employees and contractors. He allegedly used these images without their consent or knowledge across social media channels to “belittle and intimidate them” even though they were simply doing their job.

The activist is also blamed for making workers feel distressed because he would show up and demand meetings with executives without an appointment.

Pennings believes he will go bankrupt if he loses the lawsuit, and Galilee Blockade claims the litigation was intended to “silence” dissent and “instil fear into protestors”.

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