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Anti mining activists wage war on $21B mine contractors

Galilee Blockade protestors Ben Rae John at Brisbane Watch House
Galilee Blockade protestors Ben Rae John at Brisbane Watch House

A civil resistance movement claims it knows who is contracting for a $21 billion coal mine in the Galilee Basin and will blockade all of them until they stop doing business with the foreign proponent.

The Galilee Blockade is targeting companies that have contracts with Adani Australia for its Carmichael Coal Project, 160km northwest of Clermont.

Protestors formed a blockade outside the Brisbane office of Meales Concrete Pumping on July 22, holding banners saying “assist Adani at your peril” and “warning contractors: We will stop Adani”. They also allegedly interfered with staff who were trying to move trucks.

Blockade continued for hours

The group held their ground for two hours before Queensland Police officers finally detained three people. Among them was 75-year-old grandmother Rae (pictured centre) who shared a video on social media, demanding successful tenderer Meales Concrete Pumping to “get out of bed with Adani” or there will be a hefty price to pay.

“Meales has been working with Adani for a while now and it is time for them to realise that they will suffer reputational damage and the costs of a lot of protests, if they do not disassociate themselves with Adani,” Rae said on Facebook. “It is time to stand up and say stop Adani and stop their contractors.”

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Contractors will be pursued until they give in

Meales has agreed to work with Adani to build its mine according to the protestors.

“We know many of Adani’s contractors and we’re going after them until they get out of bed with Adani,” the group said on Facebook.

The protestors have already been released from the Brisbane Police Watch House.

Recruitment drive begins

The group is now trying to recruit more sympathisers who do not mind joining a blockade and spending the night at the police watch house.

The Galilee Blockade will hold a training session in Windsor on July 28, from 9.30am to 4pm. The address will be provided to people who register on their website.

Queensland Police said it supports “lawful and peaceful protest” and is “committed to working with groups to plan and facilitate lawful activities” according to a statement obtained by the Australian Associated Press.

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