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Anti mining protestors hijack mining minister’s speech to the press

Get Up Australia
Get Up Australia

Anti-mining activists interrupted a ministerial speech about the future of the resources industry in Queensland on August 13.

Protestors linked to the Get Up Australia movement recently unfurled banners and talked over Queensland Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Anthony Lynham at a Queensland Media Club forum in the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Lynham accused of ‘lying’

The protestors accused the minister of “lying” to the media and general public about Adani Australia’s $21 billion Carmichael Coal Project, and claimed they had published evidence on www.adanifiles.com.au accusing the proponent of having a history of illegal activity, harming workers and destroying the environment.

“Anthony Lynham is a liar and the Adani will destroy Australia and our economy,” a female protestor said while holding a banner saying “Lynham is lying to you”. “Adani has been approved water usage for 60 years and the closest town will run out of water by December … shame on Adani and shame on everyone here who supports it.”

History of worker abuse

A male protestor claimed stopping Adani would benefit younger generations to come while holding another banner saying “Adani or the Reef. Which do you choose for your children’s future?”

“We need to stop Adani, this is about the future generations of the miners but it’s also about future generations of all your children as well,” he said. “The Adani mine has a history of worker abuse and corruption and harming their workers … We need to show more care for future generations.”

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Audience and minister fight back

Responses from members of the audience were mixed. Some applauded the protestors while others told them to “get off” the stage just before security removed them. One member of the audience came to the minister’s defense and declared “I love you Lynham”.

The minister described anti-mining groups as generally being misinformed because they find their “far from real” information about the industry on social media.

Contrary to widely held views from those who oppose Adani, the Carmichael project is not the largest mine in the Sunshine State, Lynham said according to the Australian Associated Press.

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