QMEB ยป Aussie fossil fuel ban will continue into 2023 says authority
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Aussie fossil fuel ban will continue into 2023 says authority

Callide coal mine
Coal mine

A foreign dictatorship decided to keep blocking Australian coal deliveries in the New Year.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will keep banning Aussie fossil fuel shipments well into 2023.

The East Asian country’s General Administration of Customs recently lifted tariffs on just agricultural, medical and jewellery products from Down Under. However, coal will continue to be blocked for more than three years running.

“China has been Australia’s number-one trading partner for 13 consecutive years,” a Beijing spokesperson said according to News Limited.

“Australian lobster, sea cucumber, health products, wool boots and pearls are all products that are widely enjoyed by our consumers.”

The remarks came ahead of Foreign Minister Penny Wong’s official visit to China on 21 December 2022. They dampened earlier hopes that one of the world’s largest economies could welcome back Australian commodities before Christmas.

Ferguson Australia is one of many local employers impacted by the CCP’s alleged retaliation against federal calls for an independent investigation into the origins of coronavirus as well as an end to widespread human rights abuse against underground Christians, Tibetan buddhists, Uighur Muslims and Falun Dafa adherents.

The business slammed the CCP for incorrectly claiming traces of metal and mineral elements were in live Australian lobsters. When tissue samples were clinically tested, cadmium and heavy metals were found to be “non existent”.

“We sent the results and never heard back,” managing director Andrew Ferguson said, complaining about losing $360,000 worth of stock.

“What happens if everyone goes back to selling to China, and some politician in the future says something wrong, and the market shuts again?”

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