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Australia doesn’t need another fossil fuel power station!

The Warren Centre’s expert panel today declared that smart systems coordinating renewable energy and storage technologies will solve Australia’s energy supply problems.

“Advances in demand management technology are accelerating the death of coal as an energy generation source,” Warren Centre Executive Director Ashley Brinson said today.

“From the National Energy Guarantee to the growing demand for renewables, we are seeing a new energy future that offers secure supply with a greater dominance of renewable energy enabled by improvements in energy storage and demand management technology,” Brinson said. “As a result it is unnecessary for Australia to build another coal fired power station.”

Four energy experts discussed the increasing role of renewable energy and new technology at the Warren Centre Energy Forum today. With expertise spanning renewables, distribution systems, the electricity grid and commercial electricity supply, the expert panellists described how the industry is getting on with the job, providing for a low carbon future.

Dr Archie Chapman from the University of Sydney noted the significant demand response resources coming onto the network. “Developing the right market design, regulatory reform and technology transfer mechanisms will enable distributed energy resources, such as hot water storage tanks, air conditioners, batteries and electric vehicles, to provide cost-reducing services to networks and the system at large,” said Dr Chapman

Brian Spak from CSIRO said, “As existing coal-fired power stations retire across the states in the 2020s to 2040s, solar, batteries and flexible devices at our homes and businesses will pick up most of the slack. If intelligently controlled, these devices can lead to savings of $100 billion out to 2050.”

Mervyn Davies a director of Power Water Corporation (NT) said, “There is no doubt that demand management will play a pivotal role in the growth of renewable energy. This will require more thought around long term energy storage options which may include hydro and pumped hydro with gas fired generation likely in the interim.”

“It is important that we understand the rapidly changing landscape in energy supply if we are to be future ready”, said Ashley Brinson. “This energy innovation panel discussion highlights how demand management,demand response, battery storage technologies and smart platforms preclude the need for new coal power stations”.

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