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Australia to export uranium to India

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced Australia will begin exporting uranium to India “as soon as possible”. He held talks Monday with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi during which both sides also agreed to deepen cooperation in defence and security as well as in education.

“We’ve worked closely with India to meet our respective requirements for the provision of fuel for India’s civil nuclear programme, and we look forward to the first export of Australian uranium to India as soon as possible,” Turnbull said in his media statement after holding bilateral talks with Modi.

Modi, in his statement, said with the passing of legislation in the Australian Parliament with bipartisan support, Australia is “now ready to export uranium to India”.

The joint statement said India welcomed the passage of the Civil Nuclear Transfers to India Act by the Australian Parliament, which could ensure commercial exports of Australian uranium begins soon.

In September 2014, India and Australia signed a Civil Nuclear Agreement for Australian supply of uranium to India.

In December last year, Australian Parliament passed a law to allow the supply of uranium to India. The commercial deals for the supply of uranium are being further negotiated.

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  • What is Aussie selling to India ? Ore or Yellow Cake or U 235 Fuel Rods or MOX Rods ? Y is Aussie selling the Uranium to the Indians ? Indians have enough Uranium.They have hidden the uranium reserves,and deliberately created false flag attacks,in mining reserves,to represent to the world,that there is a uranium supply chain risk,in India.

    In any case,the Indians claim that their FBR program is a grand success,and so,Y do they need uranium ? Also Indians claim that they cracked the Thorium route – with Indian Magic.So Y do they need to import Uranium ?

    How have Aussies justified their conscience in the Uranium supply,to the Indians ? Is it that the Aussies are sacrificing their lives for the Poor Indians – who have no food,water,education and power ? The romantic dreams of John the Baptist,in the jungles with butterflies ! So the power from NPCIL will provide lights and education and e-cookers and water filtration systems,and solve all the problems of the
    Indian Poor ?

    What has India done in the last 5000 years,for the POOR Indians ? Nothing ! It is a Black Hole ! Still the Aussies want to sacrifice – just like the Essenes.dindooohindoo

    So the Uranium ore is mined (which is akin to digging out the poison from the core of the earth),and the overburden and tailing ponds,are resident in Aussie. – waiting for the tailing dams to burst or some Typhoon to strike.

    Y is Aussie aiding the Indians,to divert LEU to Research Reactors,for refinement to HEU.Indian Research Reactors are not within the purview of the IAEA safeguards and inspections.These reactors make weapons grade Uranium and also fuel for Nuke Submarines.Indian Nuke Subs will be directed ONLY AGAINST PRC.Y would Aussies want to be entangled in the Indo-China war ? The Indians have never done an Atomic Audit,of their Nuclear value chain.

    What is the end use of the DU end product,from the Aussie uranium,in Indian Nuke Plants ? Is it to make munitions and armor ?

    How will the poor benefit from the Nuke power,when the distribution grid does not exist,in POOR areas ? Do the POOR have the economic means of buying electrical appliances,to use the power ? The Nuke Power plants in India are already in existence – but the distribution grid has to be laid down and will cost Billions and take a long time.The Indian Distribution Grid is worthless.

    The Indian Nuke Power plants are a cover,to make weapons grade Uranium,at 95% U-235,and generate Plutonium and DU,from Nuke Power Plants.The Indian Poor 1st need incomes,then electricity can catalyse his empowerment.If India is really short of Uranium,then to make 20% of the power grid from Uranium or MOX which needs to be imported,per force,is a high risk option – for a nation like India.

    The Indians are buying time to bet that the future will bring out some tech innovation,to make mining and extraction of their low grade uranium ore – economically and financially viable.

    Indian Nuke Power from Aussie Uranium,will feed a Zero watt bulb and a water pump of the POOR INDIANS. This cannabis has been sold to the Aussies – and that is the REAL FISSION REACTION.The Magic.

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