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Callide power station owner placed into receivership

The Callide C Power Station in Central Queensland will continue to operate as normal despite it’s owner, IG Power (Callide) Limited, being placed into receivership on June 14.

The company owns a 50 per cent share of the 810 megawatt, coal-fired Callide C Power Station in a joint venture with CS Energy.

In addition to being a 50 per cent owner of the Callide C Power Station, CS Energy is the operator and the supplier of services to Callide C under an Operation and Maintenance Agreement (OMA) and Station Services Agreement (SSA).

Acting CS Energy Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Varvari said this development had no impact, and was not expected to impact, the operations or the workforce at Callide Power Station.

“For CS Energy, it has been, and continues to be, business as usual at Callide C Power Station,” Mr Varvari said.

“We are continuing to generate electricity and supply the National Electricity Market with power, and there has not been, and we expect going forward there will not be, any impact for our workers at the power station.

“As is normal in these types of situations, CS Energy continues to meet with the receivers to discuss relevant business requirements. We will continue to work with them to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for the ongoing operation of the Callide C Power Station.”

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