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Mineral Resources worker

Employer hires, trains inexperienced FIFO workers

A major resources company will not discriminate against remote jobseekers without industry experience. Mineral Resources (MinRes) recently launched a recruitment drive for its multi combination (MC)...

Haul truck collision

Horrific truck accident inspires new training material

Two heavy vehicles became involved in a major collision, causing severe damage. Authorities recently examined why one truck suffered a head-on accident while the other experienced a side hit at an...

BHP CAT truck

Heavy vehicle continues driving after brake fails

A mine truck kept moving despite already having an alternate stopping system. Authorities recently examined a heavy vehicle brake failure at an undisclosed operation. “The service brake system...

Coal train

Coal mine heavy vehicle bombed say investigators

Authorities are examining a blast believed to have targeted a mine train. Investigators are trying to determine how a heavy vehicle became bombed near Glencore’s Cerrejon coal operation. The...

MinRes driverless truck

Employer starts automating 120 heavy vehicles

A diversified resources company introduced driverless trucks to its $2.1 billion development. Mineral Resources (MinRes) recently delivered the first custom off-road triple road train for autonomous...

Komatsu 930E hydrogen truck

‘Significantly lighter’ trucks approved

A less heavy vehicle has received the nod. Komatsu and General Motors (GM) recently approved a new hydrogen-powered 930E dump truck. Existing electric mine vehicles will be converted to run on 2...

BHP CAT truck

Employers probe alleged heavy vehicle misuse

Major mineral producers examined whether multiple trucks were used incorrectly. MaxMine recently investigated different work sites where heavy vehicles were allegedly used for the wrong purpose...

Liebherr trucks

Employer introduces electric trucks to mine sites

A mineral producer will transition away from fossil fuels towards more environmentally friendly alternatives. Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) recently confirmed it would introduce its first-ever battery...

Overturned dump truck

North Qld truck fatally pins employee after fall

A heavy vehicle crushed a resources worker to death after a rapid descent in the Whitsunday region. Authorities recently released conclusive findings from Adam Malone’s tragic workplace...

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