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Unique and popular products for mining and safety

FSP Australia Mackay
FSP Australia Mackay

FSP Australia started out in the mining and safety industry and through designing and manufacturing products for over 20 years, the company has worked with customers to create products to fit their requirements.

Listed below are some of our most popular and hidden gems that you may not be familiar with.

Little-known FSP products

Meet the Hungry Board

When haul trucks unload their loads, the spillover often damages trucks. FSP’s patented Hungry Boards are designed to protect sideboards, headboards and rock deflectors on haul trucks.

Different sizes, angles and shapes allow them to fit on many different haul truck models. The solid rotationally moulded polyethylene construction means they are UV stable and rustproof, which eliminates weather worries without the need to worry about damaging the vehicle, increasing payloads are possible that leads to better productivity.

Cable Plug Terminal Protector

Rotationally moulded from polyethylene, FSP’s cable plug protector is a unique piece of safety gear that protects thousands of dollars worth of cable terminals. This specialised product aims to reduce terminal damage and protect against rock damage, high wall recovery and accidental damage during transport. The FSP cable plug protector saves money that would otherwise have to be spent on replacing expensive cables at the mine site.

Hole Savers

On the mining site after drilling holes for blasting, it is critical dirt and rock does not spill back into freshly drilled holes. That’s where the FSP hole savers come in. They are designed to keep holes clean and open, so the correct charge depth can be achieved. They come in a range of colours and sizes and are easily nestable for transport and space-saving needs.

Gas Safety Hire and Service

FSP’s newest service in the Mackay branch is daily hiring of “Gas Alert” gas detectors. With a service level two certificate, John can service Honeywell Gas Detector products and supply a Service Level two certificate for Honeywell Gas Detector products.

Wheel Motor Covers

One of FSP’s most popular original products, the wheel motor cover was developed with extensive input from customers.

Designed to eliminate wear and tear on mining trucks wheel motors, the flexible nature of polyethylene means the cover reduces damage from rocks and tyre impact from other mining equipment, which results in prolonged service life of the customer’s equipment. The new and improved quick-release system has a convenient inspection window, making checks faster and easier than ever.

OL1800 Locker

The OL1800 locker model is well suited for mining worksites and fitted with a shelf and hanging rail for towels or clothing. The three-way door locking system ensures belongings are stored safely and securely using a padlock.

Having been constructed from polyethylene using a rotational moulding process, the locker is promised not to dent or rust. Graffiti, chewing gum or stickers can be removed without affecting the integrity of the locker. There are no jamming hinges and moving parts to maintain and there is a drainage hole at the base.

Top Products of 2018-19

Wheel Chocks, Ozchok

Ozchoks are one-piece constructions, moulded from polyethylene and injected with polyurethane, as a result, they are lightweight and UV resistant. The heavy-duty construction and HDPE material means Ozchoks are oil, corrosion and water resistant. High-density polyurethane foam is used to fill our chock to make them lightweight, and FSP uses 100 per cent virgin materials during wheel chock construction.

Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket

Save money by protecting fire extinguishers on dry, dusty roads. FSP’s fire extinguisher vehicle bracket suits either 4.5kg to 9kg fire extinguisher models and protects from water, dust and corrosion. The clear case enables easy identification and a view of the enclosed extinguisher without damaging or replacing the clear poly bag.

Safety Flags

FSP is a leading supplier of premium quality certified safety flags for mining and industrial vehicles. All FSP safety flags are UV stable, available in multiple colours and come in a range of sizes to suit many needs.

Wheel Nut Indicator

Travel safer knowing wheels nuts can be checked easily. FSP’s vehicle wheel nut indicators are designed to identify any movement of the wheel nut visually, also any excessive heating of the wheel hub. They are available in an extensive range of sizes and shanks.

Hose Reels

FSP hose reels are engineered with long-lasting components so they can be used every day and last for years. Roto moulded polyethylene drums, stainless steel internal bearings and a swivel mount are some of the features that cannot be found on other hose reel options. The FSP hose reel can be fixed to a wall or the floor using FSP’s stainless-steel mounting brackets.

CFE Blow Moulded Cabinets

The blow moulded CFE Fire extinguisher cabinet comes in two sizes to suit over 50 different models of fire extinguishers. Made of high-density polyethylene, the cabinets are promised not to rust and be UV stable. They are lockable and have a “break glass for key” option and viewing window. They are ideal for marine environments and the mining sector.

Picket Pocket

Another popular product for mining customers is the picket pocket. Warning signage is essential, especially when needing to mark an area off temporarily with steel pickets/stakes. Often used for mining haul roads, intersection and blasting areas the picket pocket fits over the stakes and warns about safety issues. They are available in a variety of colours and wording options.

Road Emergency Warning Triangles

In case of a breakdown or emergency, keep passengers and the vehicle safe by being visible to oncoming drivers. With a reflective surface, the road emergency triangle provides extra visibility. It comes in a packet of three and can easily fold out to stand on the road — an essential part of any vehicles safety kit.

These and many more mining related products are in stock at FSP’s Mackay branch. For more information visit 19 Transport Avenue, Paget Qld 4740.

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