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Qld coal workers reject ‘inadequate pay’

Blackwater Coal Mine
Blackwater Coal Mine

Central Queensland mine employees refused to accept substandard conditions.

BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) has been urged to improve remuneration and protections at its operations.

Rail crew workers recently rejected a new employment agreement because it allegedly negotiated from the “bottom of the barrel”. They want to be guaranteed better pay, conditions and job security.

“Where negotiations currently stand BMA may be able to make unilateral decisions about shift start times, which can have major implications for the health and safety of our members who work in an industry where fatigue is a serious hazard,” Mining and Energy Union (MEU) Queensland district vice president Shane Brunker said in a public statement.

“BMA may also be able to require employees to stay in camp with unspecified time periods, without pay.”

If the dispute remains unresolved MEU will apply to the Fair Work Commission for approved industrial action.

BMA has already offered to backpay provide workers with backpay for up until 1 January 2024.

However, MEU believes the proponent can afford to make a more attractive offer.

“With soaring profits and high resources prices the workers who are the vital link in BMA’s pit to port resource chain deserve more respect. All [of] these workers are asking for are industry standards,” Brunker said.

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