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Celebrating 10 Years: AusProof’s Ground-Breaking 35kV Coupler

Ausproof 35kv coupler

Part of the AusProof DNA is exploring the unknown in high and low voltage cable coupler design and development, whether this be in the creation of new products, or the improvement of existing ones. With international sister companies located in Africa, Europe, and North and South America, AusProof keeps up to date on mining trends and technology on a global scale, allowing it to not only continuously improve its products for the Australian market, but the broader global community as well. Sometimes opportunities for exploration come from internal ideas, other times, AusProof is approached by a client with a very specific need to be met. Such is the case with the 35BU aluminium high voltage coupler.

Released in 2013, the 35BU was developed in just a staggering 15 weeks. AusProof was approached by a client in West Africa who required a coupler capable of handling up to 35,000 volts, but could not find a product on the market designed and rated for that level of voltage.

Setting to work, AusProof’s Research and Development team was eager for this exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of current understanding and electrical conductivity, and raise the bar in high voltage cable coupler solutions.

A technological achievement exclusive to AusProof and its international sister companies, the 35BU has a rating of 800 amps and is suitable for use in Australia and around the world in opencast and metalliferous mining, as well as pumps and tunnelling projects. Popularly used in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America, some installations of the 35BU across South America include high altitude sites, with no issues reported. Common applications include supplying power from overhead lines to mobile transformer units, as well as supplying power to dredges.

A testimonial AusProof received in 2021 from Grande Cote Operations SA speaks to the durability, reliability and high quality design of the 35BU:

‘At Grand Cote Operations, we required the use of reliable 35kV couplers for our operations. After conducting research, we found AusProof would be the best fit for our requirements. As a result of AusProof’s history in innovation and quality, we have not experienced any down time or failures due to the design and now have over 100 units of the 35kV couplers in service. Additionally, these couplers have been submersed underwater for longer than 12 hours and still ran correctly without any issues occurring. We’d highly recommend AusProof couplers for a complete solution.’

As part of AusProof’s dedication to providing the industry with high quality cable coupler solutions, regular internal and third-party testing is carried out on its products to ensure they continue to meet, or even surpass, Australian standards. The 35BU is no exception, with this product currently undergoing third-party testing that is due to be completed by the end of the year, the results of which will be made available to the public via the AusProof website.

Manufactured using a high mPa aluminium material, some standard features of the 35BU include:

  • AusProof’s LED Live Line Indicator;
  • handles for OH&S assistance;
  • a silicon seal for the face; and
  • a detachable adaptor flange.

The guide pin of the 35BU has also been designed to be enclosed within the body casting when the coupler system is closed, protecting it from external damage. Placing a high priority on client safety, insulated end covers complete with diodes are available for the 35BU. Other available accessories include the CAT Skid, Slide Hammer, and Coupling Tool.

Would you like to know more about the 35BU coupler? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with AusProof’s state sales representatives to find out more about this exclusive achievement in high voltage conductivity. A technical manual for this coupler can also be downloaded from the 35BU product page on AusProof’s website.


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Website: www.ausproof.com.au
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