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Claims Clive Palmer Tried to Bribe Government For Exclusive Rights to Galilee Basin Rail Corridor

Clive Palmer2Clive Palmer is again making headlines with the Courier Mail reporting that the federal MP and mining magnate offered to stop attacking the Queensland Government in the media in exchange for exclusive control of the coal rail corridor in the Galilee Basin, west of Clermont.

The Courier Mail claims a three page letter to Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney, outlining Palmer’s demands, is being referred to the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission.

In the letter, Palmer reportedly offers to drop several Supreme Court actions, withdraw right-to-information applications, and stop attacking the Newman Government publicly through the media.

In exchange, the letter demands that Palmer’s company, Waratah Coal, be given exclusive rights to the coal rail corridor in the Galilee Basin where Waratah is planning to develop several coal projects. Control of the rail corridor would force other coal mines earmarked for the area to negotiate with Waratah for access to the rail line.

The letter also asked for streamlined approvals for Palmer’s proposed Stand Alone Jetty Project at the Port of Abbot Point, the end point of the Galilee Basin coal rail line.

Palmer has rejected all claims of impropriety and has instead labelled Seeney a “cad” and a “liar”, according to The Courier Mail. Palmer has also called on Seeney to resign from Cabinet.

Seeney told The Courier Mail he was appalled by the contents of the letter.

“I had told him four or five times to his face that we weren’t going to treat him that way,’’ he said. “And I thought that this guy just doesn’t get it.”

Seeney said during previous discussions Palmer had regularly expressed his admiration for the former Bjelke-Petersen government.

“He used to rave on and on about what Joh did and what Russ Hinze did,’’ he said. “I told him that I didn’t care what he claimed Joh did. And I realised we were never going to be able to deal with him in any appropriate way.”

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