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Clive Palmer Loses His Nut Over Fraud Accusations in WA

nutClive Palmer has lost his nut at Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett for taking the side of a Chinese resources company who allege he funneled  their money into his own political campaign fund.

The WA Major Fraud Squad have begun an investigation into Citec’s claims that Mr Palmer spent $10 million of the company’s money on his bid to enter parliament and appropriated another $2.167 million for his own personal use.

Palmer vehemently denies the allegations.

A statement released by his PR agency late yesterday said, “A coalition of a Chinese State-owned enterprise and the WA Government taking on an Australian citizen is most disturbing, especially when the WA police hold no jurisdiction over this matter.”

The statement goes on to say, “…allegations filed by Citic Limited refer to alleged matters which took place in Queensland and had nothing to do with WA jurisdiction. Questions arise as to why it is therefore being investigated by WA police.”

“If Citic Limited had legitimate concerns, the correct course of action would be to complain to Queensland authorities.”

The statement continues on this line of attack claiming the action is purely political.

“The fact that Clive Palmer is a commercial and political opponent, and that the Palmer United Party now has a WA representative in the Australian Senate, demonstrates the political nature of this investigation.”

“The timing, four days before the Victorian State Election where the Palmer United Party is standing candidates in all eight electoral regions of the Victorian Legislative Council (VLC), again highlights the political nature of this investigation.”

“Questions need to be asked of the WA Police Commissioner and government officials who have leaked such claims to The Australian newspaper.”

“The coalition of News Limited, the Liberal Party and the Chinese State-owned enterprise working in unison on these matters demonstrates a political agenda.”

Mr Palmer himself is then quoted as saying, “The Chinese Government wants to control Australian resources. Without Australian iron ore, China can’t survive,’’

“Colin Barnett has no problems giving away Western Australia’s GST to the eastern states and now he seeks to further tie his alliance with Chinese State-owned enterprises, seeking investment and revenue.”

“Allegations made by Citic Limited are untrue. Neither Mineralogy nor I have the funds as alleged.”

“Citic Limited are doing this to hide the fact that they owe hundreds of millions of dollars to Mineralogy and are trying to gain control of an Australian court which is against the interests of the people of WA and all Australians,’’ Mr Palmer said.








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