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Clive Palmer Slams Newman For Giving Tax Payer Dollars To Indian Mining Company

Clive PalmerClive Palmer has accused Campbell Newman of lavishing tax payer’s money on Indian coal mining company, Adani, to build a rail line in the Galilee Basin while ignoring Queensland companies with similar needs.

Mr Palmer said Adani could not raise funds privately to take its Carmichael coal mine project forward and now the Queensland government was providing taxpayer funds resulting in exclusive benefits for Adani.

The outburst comes after Campbell Newman yesterday announced that the Queensland Government would help finance construction of the rail line needed to link the $16.5 billion Carmichael coal project to the Port of Abbot Point, near Bowen

“Queensland and Australian companies have been ignored while the Newman government desperately tries to rescue the untapped Galilee Basin coal region,” he said.

“Adani has massive debt issues yet it is now being supported by Campbell Newman and Jeff Seeney. What grubby deal has been done that isn’t in the public domain?”

Mr Palmer said the Premier has ignored Waratah Coal’s proposed $6.4 billion ‘China First’ coal mine and infrastructure development in the Galilee Basin despite the fact it was under-written with $10 billion in funding by leading global financial services group Credit Suisse.

“Waratah Coal plans to build a thermal coal mine near Alpha, west of Emerald, which would be linked to the coal terminal at Abbot Point by a new 453km standard gauge, heavy haul railway line,” he said.

Mr Palmer said establishing the mine and associated infrastructure will create 6,000 jobs during construction and 2,460 jobs during operation in a massive boost to the state and national economies.

“But Campbell Newman has had no interest in the China First project with his government giving favourable treatment and now taxpayer funding to Adani ,” he said.

“Is this just a political stunt and pre-election spin? Why is the government selling off state assets like hospitals and schools and then giving a free ride to Adani?”

However in a statement released yesterday Campbell Newman said the government would consider investing in other multi-user infrastructure projects in the Galilee with other proponents.

“Today we have signed the first of these agreements with Adani, but the State is open to negotiating similar agreements with all proposed Galilee Basin miners,” the Premier said.

“To build on our Galilee Basin Development Strategy, we are now prepared to sign agreements with Galilee Basin proponents who can demonstrate they will meet the majority of the cost of providing this common-user infrastructure.”

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