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Coal projects will continue despite renewable transition

Glencore coal

Authorities have no plans to shut down fossil fuel developments during the national shift towards clean alternatives.

“[Banning new projects is] not part of our agenda. It will not be part of those negotiations,” Federal Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Chris Bowen told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The Australian Government recognises solar, wind and other renewable energy technology is not advanced enough to completely replace coal and gas.

“Our job is to ensure that we have the capacity to ensure that our lights stay on as we make this massive transformation, which is the biggest economic transformation since the Industrial Revolution,” Bowen said according to the broadcaster.

The minister rejected any suggestion that new project approvals were automated.

“The Greens suggest that there is this pipeline of automatic approvals, which is just not right. The Greens need to decide are they a party of protest or a party of progress? This is big progress. If they want to protest they can do that but this is about progress,” he said.

The Anthony Albanese government plans to lift renewable energy’s share to 82 per cent of the National Electricity Market by the year 2030. However, the proposal still requires 18 per cent of energy to come from coal, gas and other non-renewable sources.

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