Comet Ridge to start production from Bowen Basin coal seam gas well

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Comet Ridge Coal Seam gas well
Comet Ridge to start production from Bowen Basin coal seam gas well

Comet Ridge’s Mahalo 6 coal seam gas well, south east of Emerald in the Bowen Basin, will soon start production with Santos scheduled to deliver a small workover rig to install the pump this weekend.

The Mahalo 6 vertical well will be utilised as the production well to lift the water and gas from the Mahalo 7 horizontal well This coal is at a depth of approximately 230 metres with a coal seam thickness of approximately 8 metres.

The Mahalo 3, 4 and 5 vertical pilot wells continued to produce gas and water while the  Mahalo 7 horizontal well passed by, in between Mahalo 3 and Mahalo 4, on the way to make the Mahalo 6 intercept.

Detailed analysis of production data from both Mahalo 3 and Mahalo 4 showed significant changes in gas and water rates very soon after the Mahalo 7 horizontal well entered the coal seam, showing positive signs of connectivity between the horizontal well and its vertical well neighbours.

Comet Ridge Managing Director, Tor McCaul said he was very pleased that a response was observed in Mahalo 3 and
4 due to the Mahalo 7 drilling in such a short period.

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