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‘Competent’ coal mine worker lands top job

Anglo American mine deputy Sarah Coughlan
Anglo American mine deputy Sarah Coughlan

An underground coal mine employee has been promoted to a key role in managing safety at a Central Queensland operation.

Anglo American has promoted Sarah Coughlan to mine deputy at the Grosvenor Underground Coal Mine in Moranbah, 198km southwest of Mackay.

Coughlan, who started her career as a graduate mining engineer, will be responsible for controlling activities in one or more explosion risk zones.

“I’m glad to have had this development opportunity and am really looking forward to taking on additional responsibilities as I build my career in underground mining,” she said in a public statement. “We are fortunate to work in an amazing industry that can be both rewarding and challenging.”

‘First female deputy’

She landed the statutory position after the State Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy’s Board of Examiners approved her competency certificate as a mine deputy.

“We’re very proud to have five newly qualified deputies in our ranks, including Queensland’s first female deputy, Sarah Coughlan,” Anglo American metallurgical coal business CEO Tyler Mitchelson said. “I extend my sincere congratulations to her. We’re looking forward to seeing more women and men join the deputy ranks very soon.”

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Future deputies on the way

Coughlan will help encourage more young people to consider a career in the industry through sharing her story with students through the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) and Queensland Resources Council. QMEA introduced her to the industry back when she was a high school student.

“After starting my career in the mining industry, I knew I wanted to work underground and this program was a natural next step for me,” she said.

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