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Complete Mine Safety Compliance Solutions

The safety compliance landscape is continually evolving at a rapid pace and mining companies are having to adapt to these changes in mine safety compliance

In an uncertain environment, mining companies are seeking to de-risk critical supply chains by partnering with suppliers with proven expertise and exceptional customer service they can rely on. With more than 30 years in business, AEI knows to be successful in the mining industry, you need to be proactive, evolve and respond to change. With a proven history of designing and building innovative systems, customised to meet their customers’ needs, AEI has expanded its range of mine safety products.

AEI is well known and trusted for their quality Minebars, Nordic worklamps and IONNIC emergency lights. When their customers indicated they wanted to buy more mine safety compliance accessories from AEI, this innovative company expanded their range to include a completely new range of vehicle mine safety accessories. “AEI will always focus on bringing new products and systems to market that suit its customers unique requirements,” said Managing Director, Norman Haupt.

“If you work in a niche market, you can’t afford to be lazy. You always have to be looking for the next product and importantly, solutions that meet your customers’ needs today, and tomorrow.”

With a focus on customising and innovating solutions for their customers, AEI has built up a strong reputation for quality lighting, switches, controls, minebars, light bars, communications, reversing safety and more. Building upon their mining expertise, AEI now has a full range of mine safety compliance products for heavy service and support vehicles with new accessories:

  • GME Radio Systems
  • First Aid Kits
  • Reflective Warning Triangles
  • Wheel Chocks & Holder
  • Fire Extinguisher

AEI has inhouse experts in designing and manufacturing products and systems from conception to production, that are easy to understand, simple to use and which improve operational efficiency. “The new mining safety compliance accessories are designed with our mining customers in mind. Highly visible, compact and tough for the harsh Australian mining environment” says Norman. The reflective safety flags increase vehicle visibility. The compacter protective warning triangles fold up and stow away in a hard plastic case. The first aid kit is TGA approved with a weatherproof carry case.

AEI’s secret to success in mining

AEI employs some of the best technical, innovative minds in the business who specialise in designing and manufacturing innovative systems, customised to meet their customers’ needs. Norman attributes AEI’s success to keeping people and product innovation, top of mind. “There is a link between service quality and staff retention,” he said.

“We treat our people well; we value different approaches and skillsets. Additionally, most of our team comes from a technical background or have worked in the industry for many years.” With the technical expertise to make complex products simple, AEI specialise in bringing to market solutions that put safety first.

AEI’s commitment to exceptional customer service sees them continually innovating to deliver better outcomes for their customers. Having partnered with leading global mining manufacturers for over 20 years AEI have the experience and know how to deliver the right solution the first time. Whether it’s an Australian made mine bar, manufactured locally at AEI’s facility in Brisbane, mine site ready LED beacons and work lamps or HD reversing cameras and radar systems AEI has the product that will not only meet their customers’ requirements but can be trusted to withstand the demands of the harsh Australian mining environment. With a complete range of mine safety compliance systems that puts safety first, AEI will help you.

AEI provide specialist lighting, safety and electrical solutions for mobile plant and equipment in the automotive, mining, OEM, transport and construction industry worldwide.

To learn more about how AEI can help mining companies stay safe and compliant, call 1800 724 690 or visit www.ionnic.com.

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