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Conveyor falls, fatally crushes coal employee

Collapsed coal conveyor
Collapsed coal conveyor

Mine equipment collapsed onto and killed a worker.

Authorities recently examined how a conveyor fatally struck a resources crew member on 15 April 2024 at an undisclosed coal operation.

“A miner died when the tail section of a collapsible belt conveyor fell and pinned him between the tail section and middle section,” the Mine Safety and Health Administration said in a safety alert.

“The miner was working as part of a crew to tear down the conveyor in preparation to be moved.”

Investigators made the following recommendations:

  • stay clear of suspended loads
  • train all miners in the safe performance of tasks
  • never enter or work in pinch points or red zones around equipment
  • block all equipment against hazardous motion before beginning work
  • identify hazards associated with the task, review those hazards with all miners involved, and implement measures to protect miners.

Click here to read the full safety alert.

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