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Customise Fit with the uvex tuneup 2.0 Comfort Support Insoles

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Workers that wear safety footwear or colloquially ‘steel caps’ have foot pain rates far higher than the general population. Every foot is different and the uvex tuneup 2.0 foot-type specific insoles have been designed based on the anatomical rotational equilibrium of the foot for added comfort and support. The three biomechanically functional relevant insole variations for low, neutral and high arch feet provide support where each foot type needs it. The increased support and redistribution of pressure customises the fit to help improve comfort during a full day at work. uvex multiple fit system also allows customisation of width and forefoot cushioning. As insoles are are certified part of safety footwear the uvex tuneup 2.0 insoles are certified to be worn in the uvex x-flow range which is also biomechanically designed to work with the body.

Using advanced scientific algorithms, the uvex fit advisor app uses three calibrated images of the foot to recommend a uvex tuneup 2.0 insole specific to your foot type. The uvex fit advisor app also recommends the correct footwear size and width. uvex fit advisor app can be used instore, onsite or at home using either a calibration plate, A4 or A3 piece of paper.

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