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Danial, Any cleanskin position, Qld

Name: Danial

Position interested in: Any cleanskin position in either the underground or open cut mines
Work location: Queensland
About Danial: 18 years of age and single which would allow me work away on rosters (FIFO ) which suits any future employer. Experienced manual labourer who has worked away in extreme conditions in  regional areas  for  extended periods of time away from home making me an ideal candidate for the mining industry.

Very quick learning who is able able to take directions  and follow them though to complete tasks on time .

Excellent Time keeping and punctuality record

Strong work and family values

Very fit . Healthy and enjoy outdoor sports

Excellent communication skills with a happy dispersion
Who Already has an insight into the mining industry as family member has mining experience allowing me to be informed of what is expected of employees .

gaining employment in the industry would allow me to fulfill my long term goals

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