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Demand nothing less than Zero harm

Prevent employee injury….  More safety while you’re at work….  Two things we are all working towards on worksites across Australia. Don’t Be Liable as an employer or Injured as an employee, stay current with safety and PPE for your Company, your Staff or Yourself!

We are very pleased to advise that Safe Lace Industrial is working hard behind the scenes to make Safe Lace Industrial a mandatory part of every laced safety boot across Australia so that together, we can make sure that tripping, falling, accidents and injuries caused by untied laces are eliminated and that your expectation from work boot laces changes!  Optimal safety means laces locked with Safe Lace Industrial making your safety boots safer than ever.

As an employer, OHS and the safety of your employees is of course your #1 priority and, as a worker, you want to know you are as safe as possible at work so, staying up to date with new in PPE is a must.

Safe Lace Industrial works with absolutely any laced shoe or boot and will make sure that laces stay tied all day, every job, every worksite, so hazards and risk that can cause accident and injury from untied laces is simply gone.  Its as easy as adding the Safe Lace onto your existing laces, tying the bow as normal with no need for double knots and then locking the tab, keeping laces secured while you work.  The instructional video will show you just how simple and effective Safe Lace Industrial is www.safelaceindustrial.com.au/instructions There are 6 colours to choose from so you can be uniformed or choose the colour that best suits your laces and boots.

Safety across the industrial and mining sector is progressing and improving constantly so make sure as an employer or an employee, you are at the forefront of safety by incorporating Safe Lace Industrial and increasing safety onsite each and every day.

Demand nothing less than Zero harm for yourself or your employees.



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